Missy Sullivan

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Healthy moms - Healthy babies

Safe and effective exercise programming for new moms and expectant mothers

Feeling disconnected & overwhelmed? 

Your body has changed - it's time to reconnect

Your CORE matters!

Core training is fundamental to any training program 

Reduce muscle imbalances in order to increase or improve overall functional conditioning.

My Approach


Provide SAFE & EFFECTIVE corrective exercise programs to properly train the body to respond efficiently to real life situations.  I strongly believe in proper movement to help strengthen your weak muscles & stretch your tight muscles to achieve a more balanced body. 

About me

Missy is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who had an eye- opening experience after the birth of her third child, struggling with Diastasis Recti. She now knows how crucial it is to have the corrective training before, during and after pregnancy, which motivated her to pursue helping others exercise correctly, launching Core Redefined in 2018.

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