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Redefining Your Strong

Missy is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who had an eye- opening experience after the birth of her third child, struggling with Diastasis Recti. She now knows how crucial it is to have the corrective training before, during and after pregnancy, which motivated her to pursue helping others exercise correctly, launching Core Redefined in 2018.


Hear What Others Have to Say

I just completed my 6 week Core Redefined program with Missy and honestly she's amazing! She's helped me regain my strength back in my core, close my gap in my diastasis and overall motivated me to get back to my old self (yay). In truth, I've tried so many physio therapists over the last year and I just felt so frustrated that I wasn't bouncing back. I'm so thankful to have found Missy to help me on my journey. Not only is she very qualified but she's so helpful, sweet and always there if you have any questions or concerns! I definitely recommend her courses for prenatal and postpartum Moms out there because it's really changed my life and I now have the tools to get back to myself! Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!


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