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Your Core Matters!

Diastasis Recti (DR) is abdominal separation and is only one of the many common postpartum weaknesses.

If you feel disconnected from your core or pelvic floor, this program is for you. Some of the main side effects from a weak core are DR, umbilical hernia, chronic back pain, SI pain, as well as, potential weakness in the pelvic floor, possibly causing dysfunctions like incontinence, pelvic girdle pain, and imbalances within other muscles.

Core training is the foundational basis for any training program. If you are suffering from any symptoms or issues your core needs retraining.

To heal a diastasis, you will need to understand what functional movements will reduce intra-abdominal pressure on your connective tissues (linea alba). Intra-abdominal pressure exercises (i.e. crunches) will place a continued stretch on your linea alba which will slow down the healing process or even widen the gap. Everyone heals differently and healing your gap will depend on the integrity of your tissue, the connection you make with your body’s core unit (diaphragm, transverse abdominus & pelvic floor) as well as correcting your exercising to work with your core not against it.

This program will customize safe & effective core strength training exercises with focus on breathing & form. We will review pelvic tilts, activations & engagements of your entire core unit, your Core Belly Breathing Pump, as well as, reps & tempo.

It’s never to late to take a step to redefine your core.  

Know the signs & symptoms of #diastasisr
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