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I train women to be active, strong & confident through pregnancy, but even more important, to have a program that is safe, effective & supportive for your unique needs through each trimester. The prenatal training includes trimester appropriate exercises, with a strong emphasis on core & pelvic floor strengthening, diaphragmatic breathing, safety of exercises, education and labor training with mental imagery. All women have different strengths & muscle imbalances leading into pregnancy, which will determine how your body will react while pregnant. What is safe for one, may not be safe for another.

My Prenatal programs help prepare you for labor and support you as you recover & rebuild as a new mom! The benefits of prenatal training are incredible in terms of your comfort during pregnancy, your labor & delivery, and a fluid transition back into exercise after birth.

Designed and implemented to provide safe, effective & corrective exercises, this type of program will help expectant mothers, pregnant women and new moms be active and strong, with a feeling of inspiration and confidence as you journey through pregnancy.

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