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I am a fitness professional based in Danvers, Massachusetts. I have been teaching group exercise classes for over 6 years allowing me to let my creativity run wild to create challenging, innovative & energizing workouts for all fitness levels. With the high energy in this setting, we sometimes lose the connection to our bodies. The body is moving, the momentum is turned on, but are your correct muscles? The body is a well-oiled machine, and the difference between fun fitness and corrective exercise is that one trains specific muscles, & the other, corrects & teaches those muscles to properly work with supporting muscles creating & maintaining balance. The body needs to adapt, grow & compensate for over & under used muscles within everyday movement patterns. If we are imbalanced, how can we achieve a stronger, healthier body?

As a mother of three, I understand the physical & mental challenges many can face during pregnancy, childbirth & recovery. Having suffered from a severe Diastasis Recti and incontinence issues myself, I understand the struggle, aches & pains that many maybe experiencing as well. My passion to help others has led me to specializing in Corrective Exercise for Pre/Postnatal, as well as, Core & Diastasis Recti.

My programs are specifically tailored for each client’s strengths & limitations. Sessions will use a combination of breathing, corrective exercise awareness, resistance training, interval training and other fitness techniques to help you achieve your overall goals.

If you are pregnant, postpartum, or thinking of getting pregnant, exercise is the best way to get you ready for that journey and I look forward to helping you! 

If you're ready to REDEFINE YOUR STRONG contact me for more info.

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