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Run Training Programs

Train Smart - RUNdefined! 

I have been running for over 9 years, but recently became Run Certified through REVO2LUTION RUNNING so I can bring my passion and experience to others! I offer small group and 1:1 run coaching for beginners and avid runners. Why have a run coach? Here are just a few benefits:

  1. Time – eliminate hours spent planning a training program by having one designed for you specifically geared towards your running goals so you can spend time focusing on the joy of running

  2. Motivation & Accountability to help you stay focused on doing your best. This will include reporting back your runs so each one can be assessed to avoid burn out and/or risk injury

  3. Build your foundation to help improve your athletic performance with drills, stretching, strength training, & more to help you prepare both physically & mentally for race day, with education on the what, why and how.

Are you ready to start RUNdefined to FINISH Strong?

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